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    Drilling and exploring machinery

    In the field of drilling machinery,We have the product R & D ability in a multitude of types and ...


    Drilling and extracting tools

    In the field of drilling tools,We have maintained a product advantage in drill rods, drill bit,...


  • Geophysical prospecting instrument

    In the field of geophysical instrument,Self-developed core technologies have developed in...



    Industrial analytical instruments

    In the field of analytical instruments,The atomic absorption,、atomic fluorescence,plasma spectro...


    Environmental protection equipment



Welcome to China Geological Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

CGEG is the wholly owned subsidiary of China National Machinery Industry Corporation which is one of world’s top 500 enterprises, and is the manufacturer of resources and environmental engineering equipments. The business includes the R&D and manufacturing of equipments applied to the hydrology, geology, unconventional oil and gas, environmental management, as well as the relevant trade and business. The products include four sectors of drilling and exploring machinery, drilling and extracting tools, geophysical prospecting instruments, as well as analytical instruments.CGEG people honor their glory and dreams,and bear in mind their mission and responsibility. With a wider field of vision, a more determined pace and a more persistent belief, we are willing to cooperate with our friends from the whole community together for a better future!

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